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​              AND PUPPY CONTRACT

*The puppy sold to you is believed to be in excellent health and condition with no known defects except as noted below and discussed with buyer if such exist. This guarantee covers LIFE THREATENING CONGENITOL DISORDERS ONLY. This puppy is sold “as is”. We do NOT pay for vet bills or medication. 

*The buyer agrees to have this puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within one week of purchase to validate this health guarantee. We do NOT pay vet bills. 

*Breeder will not be responsible for Parvo, Corona or any other virus or bacteria as these are highly contagious illnesses which can be contacted immediately after leaving the breeder. This puppy has received two vaccinations and the utmost care has been taken to insure it’s good health, however, no measure is foolproof, therefore this puppy is sold “as is”. 

****PLEASE do not expose your new puppy to other dogs and public places until it has received it’s third vaccination by 16 weeks of age as it is not fully protected until that time. Also, please understand that no vaccine is perfect and there are rare instances where puppies can still become sick even though they have been vaccinated. The buyer agrees to continue the puppy’s vaccinations until they are complete with at least three shots by the age of 16 weeks. The first has already been given and two more boosters are needed at 12 and 16 weeks. 

*This health guarantee covers LIFE THREATENING CONGENITOL DISORDERS ONLY for six months from date of purchase for the original buyer only. If during that time, this puppy develops a life threatening, congenital health problem, the breeder will replace, upon availability, the ill puppy with another comparable puppy upon receipt of original puppy and  it’s registration papers. Breeder reserves the right to have the ill puppy checked by her vet at the buyers expense before the replacement is issued. Buyer agrees to meet at the original meeting place to exchange puppies if needed. If your puppy becomes sick, please call me right away before incurring large medical bills,(they add up very quickly) to discuss the situation. We do not pay any kind of vet bills even for life threatening congenital disorders, we only replace the puppy. 

*Buyer agrees to provide proper and humane care and nutrition and healthcare for the duration of their ownership of this dog. Please feed this pup at least one 20 pound bag of Iams Smart puppy food before changing to any other brand so that the pup is fully settled into your household before a new food is introduced. This will minimize the stress of changing environments for your puppy. Please feed a high quality food to your puppy because it will only be as healthy as what you put into it. 

*Breeder does not guarantee against fleas, ticks, mites, worms, parasites, etc.. Measures have been taken to prevent these conditions but occasionally they can still be present. There are no guarantees as to the size, color or breeding capabilities of this dog when fully matured. This puppy is sold as a companion pet and buyer is encouraged to spay or neuter your dog as soon as is medically safe.  

*This guarantee becomes null and void if:  

1. Proper vet care is not given.

2. Breeders care and feeding instructions are not followed.  

Love and enjoy your new puppy and feel free to call me with any questions and concerns you might have.